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Pizzerie, Grădină

12:00 - 22:00
12:00 - 22:00
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12:00 - 22:00
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29 octombrie 2023

Cea mai buna pizza!!

Philippe Thibaud

Philippe Thibaud

7 octombrie 2023

Aniol Arias

Aniol Arias

9 septembrie 2023

Muy buena comida y muy buen ambiente. Un pequeño rincón en dónde te sientes en el mediterráneo.



27 august 2023

Mario Mexi

Mario Mexi

22 iulie 2023

Mi a placut au o pizza foarte buna.

Duca G Ionut

Duca G Ionut

17 iulie 2023

Excellent taste of neapolitan pizza and definetely the best in Romania. Nr 1 vendor!

Preda Cristian

Preda Cristian

20 iunie 2023

Probably the best pizza in town!

Sergiu Alexandru Panaitescu

Sergiu Alexandru Panaitescu

3 iunie 2023

Good pizza. Pretty close to how a neapoletan pizza should be. Nice dough, quality ingredients. But, because there is a but and quite a big one. The pizza is extremely small, around 23 cm, and priced similar to what you find in Napoli at historical pizzerias. So you buy an almost neapolitan pizza in Bucharest at a higher price than the original one in Italy. After all, nothing surprising. The romanian entrepreneurs are known for their thirst of gettin richer and richer and the buyers for their mindless spending. Later edit(after owner's response) : I think that the biggest issue with most romanian entrepreneurs is that they cannot take any criticism and turn to their favourite excuse, that this is only hate. Reality is not hate, even if it is not pleasant. Another important thing to remember is that nobody forced them to start that business and if they don't like being in those shoes they can just do something different.. Regarding other things mentioned. The truth is somewhere in the middle, but let's just say that some of those explanations stand while others don't. Just one detail. A lot of the owners of small pizzerias, as it is the case of the one reviewed, have a simple life and do not earn much more than their employees do, or even sometimes it is just a family business which brings just enough income to have a simple lifestyle. Who wants to know the exact truth can do the research by themselves.



23 aprilie 2023

Very good deal !

Andrei Traian Voica

Andrei Traian Voica

26 martie 2023

A perfect pitstop to recharge after a walk or ride in Pădurea Baneasa or after the weekend zoo visit. Pizza was outstanding and the gin tonic options are diverse. We didn't have the time to enjoy also their famous Poke Bowls, but we will surely try them next time or order them through Glovo.

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